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Field Notes

A Very Satisfying End to My Summer (8/9/09)

Spring and Summer Compilation (2009)

MHA Spring Field Trip (5/9/09)

Hanging with the Midwest NAFA Crew in the Larue Pine Hills (4/4/09-4/5/09)

Herps and other Wildlife along the Continental Divide Trail (4/15/08-10/3/08)

Belated Southern Illinois Photos (October 06)

Passing the Winter Months in Pursuit of Invasive Wild Hogs (Winter 07-08)

Kansas in Passing (Summer 07)

11 Point (6/24/07- 6/27/07)

Buck Mountain Milk Snakes (5/9/07)

A Big Bonus Rattlesnake (4/29/07-4/30/07)

A Few Missouri Snakes, in Good Company (4/19/07-4/20/07)

Frogging along the Missouri River (4/2/07)

Spring Saugas (3/28/07)

Early Spring in South Texas (3/8/07-3/18/07)

First Herp Trip of the 2007 Season (2/28/07)

Amphibians and Reptiles of the World, in South Florida(12/25/06-1/7/07)

My Education in Crusta (11/1/06-11/3/06)

More Summer Stuff (2006)

Great Salamandering tonight!(10/17/06)

Some herp(er) photos from southern Illinois this fall (October 06)

One Hundred Degree Herping (7/30/06-7/31/06)

City Snakes (2006)

Odds and Ends of Spring (2006)

Central Missouri Glade Herping (5/21/06)

A Couple Collareds (5/18/06)

A Day in the St Francois Mountains (5/14/06)

A Field Trip on Eastern Missouri Glades(4/28/06)

Southwest Oklahoma through to the Upper Texas Coast (4/9/06-4/15/06)

Winter Grotto Salamandering (2/20/06)

South Texas (1/1/06-1/9/06)

Fall Salamanders of (2005)

Finally Found a 4-toed (11/10/05)

Mingo NWR then One Last Go at Shawnee NF (10/15/05-10/16/05)

Dusty Hog-nosed Snake in MO!!! (10/10/05)

Back to Shawnee NF for another Round of the Migration (10/8/05-10/9/05)

The First of the Fall Snake Migration Trips (10/2/05-10/3/05)

Late Summer Rookery Herping (9/1/05)

August in North Florida (8/11/05-8/18/05)

A Good Way to Wind Up the Spring Season (6/5/05)

North Carolina Coastal Plains (5/15/05-5/19/05)

Spring Missouri Compilation (2005)

Illinois Milks and Coppers (Spring 05)

Southern Two-lined Salamander in Southern Illinois (4/17/05-4/18/05)

A Great Speckled Kingsnake Day (4/20/05)

A Quick Local Trip (4/6/05)

Spring Massasauga Hunt (4/4/05)

Spring Southeastern Trip (3/20/05-3/31/05)

Mid winter Herping in Missouri (1/12/04)

Quick Colorado Trip (12/26/04-12/30/04)

Fall Salamandering (10/14/04)

Fall Snake Road, Part Two (10/9/04-10/11/04)

Fall Snake Road, Part One (10/2/04-10/4/04)

Northern Illinois (9/18/04-9/20/04)

Our luck is holding out, two more Timbers and an Osage (9/2/04)

Great Day for Water Snakes (8/30/04)

Two Timbers and two Copperheads under the same rock (8/9/04)

Four Lifers, One Week, Mid Summer, Missouri (8/6/04)

Two New Lifers!!! (7/29/04)

The Carolinas (6/12/04-6/20/04)

Western Pygmy Rattlesnake in Missouri (COMING SOON)

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake (COMING SOON)