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Great Salamandering Tonight!

After it rained all day and didn't look like it was going to let up all night, I figured I'd better get out and look for some salamanders. I drove about an hour south of St. Louis to a county rumored to have tiger salamanders. I had hunted this county before with no luck but I had never hit it on that perfect night. Tonight turned out to be pretty perfect. The ringed salamanders were out in hoards; I probably saw between 20 and 30. I only ended up seeing two spotteds and no marbles. While I did expect to see some marbles it wasn't a big deal as I had caught some out on another rainy night a couple of weeks ago. After hours of driving I finally gave up the hope of finding a tiger and, of coarse, that's when I spotted the first of two found that evening. I had seen this species before in Chicago but have always wanted to see a Missouri example. The following are of a few of these animals including the marble from a couple of weeks ago.