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A Very Satisfying End to My Summer

This hasn’t been my most adventuresome summer.  A full load of summer courses along with full time summer employment hasn’t allowed me much free time.  Although, I must admit, my summer job has been great, it’s kept me in the field and involved with a variety of research projects that have kept the cabin fever at bay.


Provided with just a short window between the summer and fall semesters I immediately took advantage and hit the river.  The focus of this paddling trip was just to get out and enjoy a few of the hot days of summer on the water but, I also happened to be aware of the possibility of encountering an animal I’ve dreamt of seeing in the wild since childhood. 


I had always thought I would have to travel to north Florida to see Macrochelys in water clear enough to allow observation with a mask and snorkel but, as it turns out, this trip will not be necessary as I’ve had the fantastic fortune to do it right here in Missouri.


My time with this turtle was cut very short by an intense thunderstorm that seemingly appeared out of nowhere but, before I watched this unbelievable animal swim back into his lair, I managed to grab a few photos.


If I’m only to get one river trip in this summer, its OK, because I don’t think I could top this one anyhow; a week later, I’m still high as a kite over this encounter.       


Other turtle species observed include: Graptemys geographica, Apalone spinifer, and Trachemys scripta

Crayfish species observed include:Cambarus hubbsi, Orconectes luteus, O. ozarkae, and O. punctimanus