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Fall Salamanders of 05

This year’s salamander season was pretty slim due to a very dry fall.  When we did finally get some evening rains this autumn I ended up missing the migrations to breeding ponds due to other engagements.  I did manage to roll a few things under logs including one lifer.

This Central Newt was netted in St Charles Co. (first attempt at aquarium photography)


Here's the first Spotted Salamander of the season; found under a rotting log not far from a vernal pool.


Ryan Thies and I uncovered this Spotted Salamander in St Charles Co.


I would have missed this one if Ryan hadn't spotted it before I put the log back in place.  St Genevieve Co.


This Four-toed Salamander was my target species for this fall.  See related report at


The Western Slimy Salamander is one of the more common species encountered when rolling logs in Missouri.



A close up of the same slimy


Southern Red-backs are another common salamander where they are found.  This one is from St Genevieve Co.


Another Red-back, this time from St Francois Co.



And finally a close up of that same Red-back.