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A Few Missouri Snakes, in Good Company

This spring I was fortunate to have the opportunity host a field trip for Scott Waters, skilled videographer and owner/operator of, Scott’s friend Chris Mock, herper and all around good guy, and Gerold Merker, author/coauthor of the books Alterna, Zonata, and many other articles.


Throughout two days, we went from hunting coachwips on a desert-like an abandoned mine site, to flipping junk around abandoned homesteads, to turning rocks on some of the earth’s oldest mountains, to sloshing around after water snakes in cypress swamps.  Some nice animals were found and a good time was had by all. 

Here’s Scott with a bundle of prairie kingsnakes that were flipped under a couple of pieces of tin.


Gerold, Scott, and Chris with a black rat and a yellow-bellied racer


Quinn, Gerold, and Chris preparing to photograph a red milksnake


Scott with that same milksnake


Photographing an Osage copperhead