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The Carolinas

Back from the Carolinas and as expected the herping was tough. Despite serious effort I only came back with seven life listers. When I arrived I spent the first three days north of Myrtle Beach with family. After that I headed south to Jasper Co for four more days of herping. Most herps were found on the road while cruising in the evenings. I found and flipped some great tin sites but only found a couple Racers, it was just too hot. Species and numbers listed below:

I also got a life lister bird, a Swallow-tailed Kite, Beautiful!

Brunswick Co, NC

Southern Black Racer 1
Green Anole 5
Southern Toad 1 (life lister)
Squirrel Tree Frog 1 (life lister)
Six-lined Race Runner 1

Georgtown Co, SC

American Alligator 1
Southern Black Racer 1
Yellowbelly Slider 6 (life lister)
Ground Skink 1
Eastern Glass Lizard 1 (life lister)

Collecton CO, SC

Rough Green Snake 1
American Alligator 2
Six-lined Race Runner 1

Jasper Co, SC

Southern Toad TNTC
Grey Tree Frog TNTC
Squirrel Tree Frog TNTC
Green Tree Frog TNTC
Eastern Narrowmouth Toad 4+
Bull Frog TNTC
Bronz Frog TNTC
Southern Lepord Frog TNTC
Eastern Box Turtle 1
Yellow belly Slider 3
Eastern Mud Turtle 1 (life lister)
Ground Skink 2
Southern Copperhead 2 (life lister)
"Okeetee" Corn Snake 1 (life lister)
Southern Black Racer 2
DOR Scarlet King Snake 1 (Still moving when I found it)
DOR Canebrake Rattlesnake 1 (very fresh)

Also, a couple skinks I couldn't catch and I herd many other unidentified frogs and toads.

Thanks to all who provided information regarding Carolina herping.


The first snake I came across, a Southern Black Racer.


On my way out of a pub one evening I found this Squirrel Treefrog clinging to the wall.


Made it to Okeetee.


The only Gopher Tortoise I found.


A cool find for me, an Eastern Glass Lizard.


Found this girl crossing the road, an Eastern Mud Turtle.


A nice clean Southern Copperhead, also found crossing the road.


Finally, my favorite find of the trip, a beautiful "Okeetee" Corn Snake.