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Fall Snake Road, Part One (10/09/04-10/11/04)

This fall I was able to make two Larue Road trips.  The first trip planned for the first weekend of October was a kind of camping trip/introduction to snakes for some of my non herping friends.  Included in our group was my close friend Jennifer Donaldson and her son Cade Hutson, both of which have put up with my odd hobby for years.  Also included was James Sarkes, his girlfriend Jen Hites, then Brian Scheidt, and his friend Jen Toll.  Due to great company and a lot of snakes a good time was had by all.  Everyone in the group other than me had responsibilities they had to get home to by Sunday.  I stayed on and was lucky enough to hook up with Mitchell (ShaggyBill) for another great day of herping.


This Timber Rattlesnake was an exciting find.


My pal Cade posing a safe distance away from his first wild Rattlesnake.



The Mississippi Green Water Snake had eluded me for three years. This was my first of nine found over the next two weekends.


Cottonmouths were, as usual, the most common snake encountered.


The last herp of the weekend and a lifer, a Mole Salamander Mitchell found.

Total Species:

Five-lined Skink - 1
Northern Fence Lizard - 2
Yellowbelly Water Snake - 3
Mississippi Green Water Snake - 5
Northern Redbelly Snake - 1
Eastern Garter Snake - 1
Western Ribbon Snake - 2
Southern Black Racer - 2
Black Rat Snake - 2
Western Cottonmouth - TNTC
Timber Rattlesnake - 2
Mole Salamander - 1
Cave Salamander - TNTC
Long-tail Salamander - 4
Dwarf American Toad - 1
Blanchard's Cricket Frog - TNTC
Southern Lepord Frog - 1
Green Frog - 4