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Two New Lifers!!!

Went out herping with Ryan (serpentryan) yesterday in St Charles Co, MO. I was hoping to see a Gram's Crayfish Snake and/or a Plains Leopard Frog, both new species for me. The first snake found was the biggest Northern Water Snake I've ever had the pleasure of catching. The next snake found I thought had to be another Nerodia due to the sheer size of the section of body I could see. I went ahead and grabbed a hold of it, but due to thick brush I still couldn't see most of the snake. The stripes I could see told me crayfish snake but it was just too big. I expected a big water snake head to come out and give me a good bite at any second. Instead a tiny little crayfish snake head poked out and confirmed my first Gram's Crayfish Snake. After a long photo session we released the very large, very gravid crayfish snake back where she was found. Later I went on to catch my first Plans Leopard Frog. Not a bad day herping for July in MO.

Big thanks go out to Ryan for letting me in on his crayfish snake spot.